Why Do We Do It?

To help everyone, regardless of health insurance, find and get help for addiction & other co-occurring disorders. We have been exactly where you are. We know that recovery is possible.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to take the burden and the stress out of the process of finding, connecting and being admitted into treatment.  We know and understand that choosing the right rehab and treatment program is vital to one’s long-term success.

We are a free service for persons looking to be placed in treatment for drug, alcohol, eating disorders, gambling, or sex addiction.  We advocate for each client.  We help each person understand their insurance policy and getting them the highest level of care possible with that policy. We work with the treatment facilities in trying to get co-pays and deductibles covered when possible.

Our relationship does not end once our client is placed in treatment; if problems arise, we are there to step in when necessary.  Being in recovery ourselves, we understand how frightening going to treatment can be, therefore, we walk you through every single step of the process, which includes, assisting in making all travel arrangements.

Our treatment providers represent the highest standards of care and offer the most effective personalized treatment models, services and programs available anywhere.  This allows for us to quickly access your needs and begin the admissions process to get you into the right center, maximizing the opportunity for you to have long-term success.

All of our centers are highly resourced, license co-occurring dual diagnosis full-service residential programs.  Providing medical detox, inpatient primary care, and intensive outpatient, outpatient, day treatment and sober living.  Many of our facilities are also JCAHO and/or CARF accredited.  They truly are the best of the best in our view because we have done the research and due diligence and all our centers expect to be held accountable.


Reach Out

The hardest part for most addicts is making the initial contact to ask for help. The disease of addiction makes it hard for those suffering to see past the denial. We can help you and hold your hand through the difficult part of reaching out and admitting that you have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol.

Get Help

Once you decide that help is needed, the next confusing and overwhelming step is locating a facility that offers individualized treatment. Our network of facilities offers the best in addiction medicine throughout the country. We help from assessments to placement to transportation and aftercare.

Recover & Advocate

Unlike many placement services, we don’t just handle your phone call and never follow up again. Our treatment advocates work with you from your initial contact all the way through aftercare and into recovery. Our hope is that those we help will eventually be able to help guide others the way we guided them towards recovery.

we help everyone, regardless of your situation.

These are just some of the services and special opportunities LINKS Addiction Advocates offer to all those suffering from drug addiction.

treatment assessments & placement

individualized treatment network

24/7 support available

intervention services

scholarships available

services for special populations

aftercare planning & follow up

sober companions

recovery coaching

Links Addiction Advocates

Are You Ready to Take the First Step?