I wanted to thank Kathleen and Bobby for all there help this week. I had a dear friend that had reached her rock bottom and asked me for help. I am a life coach and work with people in aftercare but was pretty lost when trying to facilitate my friends admittance to a treatment center. I was referred to Links by a friend Martin and they acted so quickly, efficiently and with great knowledge. We were able to find many treatment centers able to take her and were explained all costs associated with it. In the ever changing dynamic of insurance, co-pay, and deductible I felt very comfortable in our decision of where to place my friend.

Thank you for all your help.

Shane Griffin CEO, Whole Life Balance

Bobbie is a godsend. My friend is in desperate need of help and she has been working day and night finding the right place for him. She is caring and kind and I don't know what we would have done without her perseverance, knowledge and drive. Thank you Bobbie!

Marlo Russle

As a mother, I feel truly blessed by being introduced to Bobbie. She has been steadfast support to help me find solutions for my family situation with my adult children. My daughter is finally getting the treatment she needs and I hope the strength to go forward in life. This is all possible due to Links dedication to entire family as they are advocate for the best care and treatment facility. This is first time in two years where I am feeling "hope" that my children will have future. Thanks so much Bobbie you are a ROCK Star!!

Karen Evans

Links Advocate and Rehab Solutions helped me make one of the best choices I have ever made for myself. My life is amazing now. I have my family back. I have goals and I am accomplishing them one day at a time.c

Brian Chris Mack

Bobbi and Kathleen are amazing. My sister made one phone call, and within 24 hours she is in treatment. Her first stop is a hospital, to detox & diagnosis other medical issues. Then on to a treatment facility that specializes in her type of addiction. Her journey is just beginning, and no one has a crystal ball. But from my point of view, she will SUCCEED! Because of your great work 🙂

Mary Loop

Links advocate and rehab solutions is an amazing resource that i, in many ways owe my life to today. The odds of me getting into a program by myself were slim to none, thankfully bobbi and kathleen were able to find me a program, and guide me there quickly and efficiently. Contacting links was, hands down, one of the best decisions i ever made. With their help, i now have 18 months of sobriety, and my life is finally all coming together. I would recommend them to anyone!

Arron Pierce

Kathleen has been a true advocate for my son for over a year now, she never gave up trying to find him the right place to go that I could afford! She helped me feel comforted knowing I wasn't alone and we had options! Thank you so much Kathleen!

Lisa Wilhide

Forever grateful for the kindness and assistance of Bobbi, thank you!

Renee Bell

My son had been struggling with addiction for 2 yrs, and overdosed on 7/4. After many failed treatment centers, I met a "Earth Angel" Bobbi. She helped me thru the worst times with my son, and helped him see, and understand that his life was worth fighting for. He was worthy!! So glad he is now 8 months sober, and High on Hope, not Dope. Thank you Bobbi you truly are a god sent angel.

Nikeea Moreland Martin

Bobbie really went above and beyond her way to help me in sobriety when i reached out and needed help. I don't know where i would he without her in my sobriety. Thank you so much!

Austin Vannoy

Bobbie hands down is the absolute best. I can't thank you enough!!!

Tami Denio Pacheco

Yaaaaaa bobby . That a girl keep showing away that's what we do.

Christina Williams

Bobbie is a miracle worker...she brought me back from the living dead

Kate Horningston

Incredible is an understatement when describing links advocate. They helped my best friend get into treatment in Colorado and they saved her life. I am more than grateful for them and I would recommend them to anyone who suffers from addiction and is looking for the help.

Jake Ruttenburg

Bobbie, once again you have proved to be a miracle worker. You are a testament to what being of service truly means. You've earned your place in Heaven; Keep doing what you do.

Carolyn Alfieri

Bobbi and Kathleen continue to enable me to transform my life into one beyond my wildest dreams. I am so grateful to them. Know that your donations are helping people get the real treatment necessary to move forward in life and to recover from addiction. This has been the most influential experience in my long hard road out of addiction.


We are so happy to find A place that really cares. Are son needed help and every place that we turned , turned him away. We are so thankful for the foundation and feel very blessed that they decided to help our family. Our son just started treatment and the journey will be a long one, but we are so thankful that you have given us all hope. The chance for change doesn’t happen often and it does not come easy. We will be forever grateful to the foundation and it’s staff. They say God Works in mysterious ways, but sometimes he puts what you need right in front of you... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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