Addiction Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Use Disorder

Do you need help for drug or alcohol addiction? What is addiction treatment?

Addiction is a serious problem that can have profound consequences in the lives of those it affects, as well as their loved ones.

Today, one in four deaths are attributed to alcohol, tobacco, prescription, or illicit drugs. But, if you or a loved one suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, it is possible to find help.

Not every life that is touched by addiction ends in a tragedy, although in recent years, more and more people have sadly died from the opioid epidemic. Addiction treatment offers help to those suffering from drug or alcohol dependence and misuse, and can be an effective resource in overcoming addiction for people from all walks of life.

There are unique treatment options available to meet the needs of a wide population with various social and psychological circumstances. For those willing to enter a treatment program, the chances for a successful recovery are much better than for those who try to quit on their own, and others who simply don’t want to try.

Detox: The First Step of Addiction Treatment

The first step in addiction treatment is often detoxification. During the “detox” phase, addicts are weaned off of drugs or alcohol in a safe, and supportive environment.

They are able to fully detoxify or cleanse the misused substances from their system and decrease the symptoms of withdrawal. It’s important to do so in a closely monitored, secure place without the pain and anxiety that haunts those who try to go through the process alone.

During detox, patients are given around the clock personalized care to ensure that their withdrawal symptoms are under control and they are not placed in further danger from seizures or flu-like side effects.

It’s not always an easy process, but it’s a vital step towards recovery. It’s critical that licensed medical professionals manage detox, to ensure for the safety and comfort of the patients for the entire 7 to 14-day process required to detox for most substances.

Detoxification is just the first step of recovery in a treatment program setting. After detox is completed, most people move on to an inpatient or residential recovery program.

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Inpatient Residential Treatment

The most popular and successful form of treatment is a 30-day inpatient residential treatment program, with stays lasting 90 to 120 or more if needed. These are non 12 step programs that offer more comprehensive therapies than a traditional 12 step program like Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Addiction Treatment

12 step programs can be a beneficial supplement for continuing recovery after completing a residential treatment program, but most of the time is spent only in group support meetings and sometimes with a sponsor.

Non 12 step programs, on the other hand, provide a wide array of treatment modalities combined with dual diagnosis mental health services and are usually managed by on staff doctors and licensed therapists.

In addition to the standard group sessions used in AA, these programs also offer individualized one on one therapy, relapse prevention, medication assisted treatment, neurofeedback, and a variety of cognitive therapies.

The goal of most residential programs is to find the root cause of addiction and use cognitive therapy techniques to overcome the addictive triggers that motivate a person to use drugs or alcohol as an escape mechanism.

Studies have shown that the longer a person remains in treatment, the better their chances are for successful recovery.

Many people suffer from a dual diagnosis, or co-occurring disorder of addiction combined with mental health issues, such as depression, bipolar, ADHD, or PTSD.

Treating a dual diagnosis requires staff to be trained in both mental health and addiction medicine. For treatment to be successful, it’s imperative to treat both conditions at the same time, and it may require a longer stay to complete.

Choosing Your Best Treatment Option

When it comes to deciding where to go for treatment, our staff is here to find the best treatment options for each person based on their individual needs. There are treatment options available to accommodate every type of patient and substance use addiction, including:

All of these can be standalone addictions or combined together with addiction and depression or other mental health issues.

Treatment options range from private luxury centers to facilities that have shared-room options that are more economical.

We only work with evidence-based treatment centers that have doctors on staff and offer comprehensive programs with proven addiction therapies, so you can be assured of receiving the best treatment available.

Treatment Works

While drug addiction can be treated and managed, as the National Institute On Drug Abuse warns, it’s not a simple process and there is no absolute cure.

We agree that treatment and recovery from addiction is a complex process and requires a thoughtful, customized solution for those that seek help. That’s why it’s important that each person who reaches out for help receives professional guidance in determining the best solution possible.

Reports from the National Council On Alcoholism and Drug Dependence confirm that treatment for addiction works. Those who are unable to access treatment are at a greater risk for criminal recidivism and relapse. However, those who are able to get the treatment they need for recovery have a greater opportunity to maintain sobriety and recover from their addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The National Council On Alcoholism and Drug Dependence also reports that treatment for addiction saves money. And, it does not only benefit the patient suffering from addiction, but treatment has the potential to benefit society, as well. According to their reports, treatment reduces the chances of incarceration, arrests, and other costs to society.

If treatment stands to benefit us all, then we should all seek to form a better understanding of the disease of addiction. And, we should all hope for more accessible treatment options for those seeking help in kicking their addictive behaviors.

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The Power of A Helping Hand

Many people who suffer from addiction have trouble asking and receiving the help they need to overcome their disease. But, these are the kinds of people who often serve as a powerful testimony to others who suffer from these same types of issues.

Once an addict admits that they need help, and accepts the help that is available to them, they are ready to focus on the road to recovery.

The Road to Recovery

If anyone says the road to recovery is an easy one, it would be difficult to believe them. Because the truth is, recovery is almost always difficult, and the path to sobriety is never a simple one.

But, as most of those who have walked this path will tell you: The road to recovery is well worth it.

It is important for addicts to know that they are not alone in their fight. There have been many others that have experienced the same fears and obstacles they are facing. But, with the right support, recovery from addiction is possible.

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