We Are an Advocacy Group Made Up of People Who Want to Help Others Find Recovery

Addiction can make you feel like you are the only person in the world who is experiencing it. Our team of people in long-term recovery has been there. We understand the guilt and shame that addiction can cause because of the things we do to keep getting high. Don’t be another statistic, get help today from one of our caring addiction advocates.
Addiction affects more than 23 million Americans. Drug overdose is now the leading cause of death for Americans under 50. We advocate for all those suffering so they can find a way to recovery.

bobbi cattanese

Worked with the White-house
2016-2018 Opiate roundtable/ethics
Attended NJUMDJ PA program
Worked in medical field 10+years
Emergency medicine 7 years
Detox & Residential Treatment 2 years
Owned Sober-living 6 years
licensed EMT-A/ EMT-B- EMT-D
Advanced life support
Licensed Phlebotomist
10+ years in recovery field
Licensed mental health coach


lars cattanese

Worked on White House
Opiate Roundtable/ Ethics
Certified Interventionist
Sober coach 10+ years
Owner facility 6 years
Worked in all areas of treatment 10+ years
EMS- Search and Rescue
Certified CPR & First Aid
Business owner 30+ years
Recovery Operations manager
12+ years working in recovery field

why do we do it?

because someone did it for us.

let us guide you to recovery

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